Misguided Information on Treatment for Yeast Infection

There’s plenty of information on the internet nowadays but how much of this are actually misguided information on treatment for yeast infection? There are plenty of information out there and I would like to point out that some of the recommended treatment is not as safe as what you think and actually do you more harm than good.

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Three of ingredients recommended for treatment of yeast infection that are potentially dangerous are:

Boric Acid

 Boric acid is a commonly recommended treatment for yeast infection. Not sure what’s the source of their information but boric acid is not something you want to go near to. It has been used therapeutically in the past but have regularly lead to adverse reactions and even death in some cases. The use of boric acid is treatment is almost never heard of nowadays and is mainly used as an ingredient in household pesticide.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is know for it’s natural and powerful antiseptic, anitbacterial and antifungal properties. It can be found in some lotions, soaps and shampoos. They are used to treat yeast infection, boils, eczema, athlete’s foot and list of many others, inlcuding treatment of fungal and bacterial infection in aquarium fishes. Although it has a long list of uses, it’s to be used externally for  treatment of yeast infection and NEVER to be taken orally.

Garlic Oil.

Garlic oil is another favorite. It has been endorsed on many sites as a good treatment for yeast infections when taken orally. However, the truth is garlic oil is unsafe because Botulism has been known to be form in garlic when it’s uncooked and can spread through the oil n your body. Botulism spores have been found in many different kind of garlic oil through many tests. If you ever do put crushed garlic in your garlic oil, don’t keep them more than a week. Throw whatever unused oil away because of the potential risks.

I hope this information about misguided information on treatment for yeast infection proves to be helpful. Although there are many free information available online, it’s still best to rely on treatment from reliable source. There are quite a few available and I highly recommend that you check out this site listed below and learn how to cure your yeast infection permanently and holistically using an Unique 5-Step Method.

==>Check Out This List Of The Best Candida Natural Cure Guides<==