Male Yeast Infection Treatment Tips

For a man seeking help and information on male yeast infection treatment it may be a tad difficult because there’s limited information available. Here are some male yeast infection treatment tips to help you along and although male yeast infection treatment may be difficult to come by, fret not because there are more than one male yeast infection treatment available.

Suffering from male yeast infection can be very unpleasant, having to bear with the discomfort and pain experienced during urination together, accompanied by the itch and impaired sexual intercourse, possibly some discharge too… This can cause the infected person to be depressed over his own conditions bringing about much grief.

However, before you start your male yeast infection treatment, make sure that your symptoms are due to male yeast infection and not something else. A doctor can help identify that by doing a check on you.

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Male Yeast Infection Treatment Tips

Male yeast infection treatment is not very different from vaginal yeast infection. The same home remedy and treatments can be used by both male and female with some slight changes to what needs to be done.

If you are being treated by a doctor, you will usually be prescribed anti-fungal drugs to combat your male yeast infection. Although drugs can treat your symptoms and bring you relief, the yeast can mutate and develop into some super candida strains and make a comeback with a vengeance. Similar to the way, anti-biotic resistant bacteria develops.

Tree Tea Oil. Apply Tree tea oil to the infected area twice daily for one week.

 Warning: Tree Tea Oil is not to be consumed orally because it can be volatile in your body. Anyone that says otherwise is misinformed.

Garlic is yet another simple male yeast infection treatment that you can apply at home. It’s a natural treatment thanks to its excellent anti-fungal properties, you can consume it and if you can tolerate it, use a raw garlic clove and apply it to the infection.
It may burn so you may want to dilute with some olive or coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is especially good because it contains caprylic acid which can destroy yeast on contact.

Diet is a major contributing factor in male yeast infection treatment and cure. Cut out the sugar, carbohydrates and food that contain yeast. Consuming such foods can make candida breed. Following a strict diet plan can prevent your yeast infection from spreading and it’s one of the basic move to a natural Candida cure.

Drink cranberry juice, making sure it’s 100% pure with no added sugar. I know this is against the no sugar diet mentioned above but the properties of the acid content in cranberries cannot be ignored. The juice will prevent the yeast from clinging onto intestinal walls, the inside of your mouth as well as private parts.

Consuming probiotics supplements is another effective course of action in male yeast infection treatment. They can be in the form of yoghurt, yoghurt that contains Lactobacillus acidophilus are beneficial and will help get the yeast in control and prevent future outbreaks. But remember to read the labels to make sure it contains active cultures. Those that are heat treated after culturing will be useless because that treatment will kill off any live cultures present.

Another option is lactobacillus acidophilus in the form of pills, they are more powerful than yoghurt. Although considered safe with few or little known side effects, it should be avoided by people with weakened immune system or intestinal damage.

Wearing loose clothing and undergarments would be part of the male yeast infection treatment too. Oxygen kills yeast. Avoid wearing any synthetic fiber clothing or tight clothing. If possible, don’t wear anything down there.

All said, the male yeast infection treatment tips mentioned here are just treatment. They help to take care of the symptoms that you are experiencing. The best male yeast infection treatment would be to find a cure for it and of course using natural means is the best solution. 

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