Is diaper rash a form of yeast infection?


Yes, it is in some cases, although majority of those cases are caused by skin irritation.


Symptoms of Diaper Rash

The symptoms of diaper rash can be identified as the name diaper rash suggest, it’s located on the skin underneath the diaper area. The skin around that area is red and sore.

Causes of Diaper Rash

Most infants develop diaper rash at some point in time, common after solid food have been introduced to your baby’s diet. It can also be caused by infrequent changing of soiled diapers, irritation from urine and feces on the baby’s sensitive skin, diapers that fit too tightly, rubbing of diapers against skin.

In some cases, plastic pants are used to fit over diapers. This is actually not a good practice because it raises the temperature and prevents air circulation creating a warm moist environment where yeast thrives.

Some brands of soap or baby wipes can also cause diaper rash.

There’s also a possibility of baby developing diaper rash if baby or breastfeeding mother is on antibiotics.



Prevention of Diaper Rash

The best way in preventing diaper rash is to keep that area as clean and dry as possible.


Change your baby’s soiled or wet diapers frequently. Though diapers nowadays are very absorbent but it’s not an excuse. Prevention or lesser contact with urine and feces will reduce the possibility of diaper rash. Although it can be a tad expensive if you change them out too often but that’s the trade off.


Try leaving your baby without diapers for as long as possible, exposing the area to air is a natural way to keep the area dry.


Wash your baby’s bottom with warm water during diaper change instead of using wipes. If you have to use wipes, use those that are unscented and/or fragrance free.


Make sure you let your baby’s skin dry completely before putting on another diaper. Good practice is to pat dry, don’t rub because it can lead to irritation.


Don’t’ over-tighten diapers. Although easier said than done because of fear of leakage, Over-tightening prevents air flow into the diaper area and can also cause chaffing.


For those that are using cloth diapers with diaper liners, try not to use plastic or rubber pants over cloth diapers to let air circulate. Also use only mild detergent to wash the cloth diapers and make sure they are rinse thoroughly. Forget about the fabric softeners because they may contain fragrance that may irritate your baby’s skin.


After changing diapers, make sure your hands are well washed to prevent the spread of bacteria and infections of all kinds.


Treatment of Diaper Rash


Many cases of diaper rash are caused by irritation from urine and feces but in some instances, it may be caused by a candida yeast infection.

The best treatment is to keep your baby’s skin area as dry and clean as possible.

Diaper rash usually go away in a few days although they can be persistent in some cases. Consult your doctor and you may be prescribed some antifungal or mild steroid cream (note: frequent use could lead to side effects).

However if the diaper rash is caused by a yeast infection, you may want to cure that naturally rather than opt for an OTC treatment.