Anti Candida Diet to Fight Yeast Infection – Food That Help

Here are some foods that you can add to your anti candida diet to fight Yeast Infection. If you are looking for a list of food to avoid, you can click on this link that will bring you to the Anti Candida Diet to Fight Yeast Infections – Food to Avoid page.

Do not be surprised that there are some foods that can help you combat yeast infections as well as food that you should avoid to fight yeast infections.

This short list of food here can be found commonly and is able to help fight yeast infection naturally. They is useful for those who are suffering from recurring yeast infection and have resorted to pharmaceutical or over the counter (OTC) medicine but don’t seem to cure you at all.


Here are four different types of foods to include in your Anti Candida Diet to Fight Yeast Infection in you. 

Yogurt – This can really help you out not only by taking it orally and also applying it (for vagina yeast infection). However, not all type of yogurt can be used. It’s important that you use the unsweetened type because sweetened yogurt will do you more harm than good because yeast feeds on sugar and that is one food that you want to avoid. You can find more information at this page, Anti Candida Diet To Fight Yeast Infection – Food to Avoid

A cup a day will go a long way in bring your immune level up. The unsweetened yogurt contains friendly bacteria also known as probiotics which will help reinforce your body’s immune system and help in fighting your yeast infection.

The other use of unsweetened yogurt is to apply it directly to the area of infection or rub it onto a tampon and insert it into your vagina.

Apple Cider Vinegar – It has many health benefit and not only does it help in digestion, weight loss, it also help in fighting your yeast infection and improvement of overall health. 

You can also take an apple cider vinegar bath Add about a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bathwater and soak yourself in it. It will help sooth and relax you giving temporary relief.

Garlic – The all natural garlic with its wonderful antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties is a natural enemy of yeast. They can be taken in the form of supplements or in their natural form with water. Garlic supplements in the form of capsules and pills are available for those who are afraid of garlic breath.

The other way to use garlic, if you can take it because it will sting a little, is to use a raw garlic making sure you peel of the outer layer and applying it to the area of infection or putting the entire clove in your vagina and leaving it overnight.

It’s best to wear a pad because of the discharge and some do advise wrapping the clove of garlic in gauze or cheesecloth but I find it unnecessary because it’s not really going to get lost inside you.

However, there’s one known side effect that I must warn you about. There’s a connection between the vagina and mouth and the taste of garlic will travel up the mouth.

Water – Last but not least on the list. Although it’s not a food, many people underestimate the importance of water and forsake it. Keeping yourself hydrated will not only keep your body in balance, it also helps to fight off yeast infection, lose weight, builds muscles, etc. I can go on and on about water and it can be a topic just by itself and I will not go further into that.

The above are just some tips for you that you can add to your Anti Candida Diet to Fight Yeast Infection. Remember, this is not the full list and it only aids you in fighting your yeast infection.

Remember, you only it to yourself to get on with life and not be held back by some miserable yeast infection. There’s a permanent cure for it. 

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